The Legion of Little Souls

The Legion of Little Souls is a Pious Association of the Roman Catholic Church. It was the response to St. Therese of Lisieux’s prayer to Jesus to choose for Himself a legion of little souls worthy of His Love. (Story of a Soul)

In 1965 Jesus began to speak to a laywoman from Belgium, a wife and mother, whose pseudonym is Marguerite. Marguerite’s spiritual director asked her to record their conversations, which can be read in the book Message of Merciful Love to Little Souls. This book has Imprimatur from dozens of bishops and has been translated to many languages. The Legion now is an international Association of the Roman Catholic Church. The USA National Center is located at 428 39th Street, Moline, IL 61265 under the Priestly Guidance of Fr. John Burns and the Diocesan Chaplain in Peoria, IL is Fr. Michael Menner. Mrs. Teresa Huyten is Director/Moderator.

In the book, Jesus teaches Marguerite how to live as a little soul, doing all for love of Him. As St. Therese taught, to please Jesus we only need to do what we are already doing as part of our vocation – working, cleaning, cooking, driving… but we need to do it well, without complaining, living in the present moment, and most importantly, we must do it for love of Him. We live because of Him, and so everything in our lives should be for Him. This is the little way, which was first walked by the Blessed Virgin. It is in her footsteps and with her maternal guidance that we learn to walk in God’s presence, with confidence in His Love and providential care. As St. Therese, the Legion in a special way prays for the conversion of sinners and for the sanctification of priests, and has a filial loyalty to the Pope.

There are two levels of membership – sympathetic and effective. Sympathetic members read the Message of Merciful Love and try to live by its counsels. One must be a Catholic in good standing to be an effective member. Effective members do the same and also commit to a small rule of life and to attending monthly meetings. Meetings consist of the recitation of the Rosary and discussion of the Message and the Little Way. Formation lasts for a year, at the end of which, after discernment, one makes the Promise of the Legion (Message of July 16, 1966), which is the equivalent of St. Therese’s Oblation to Merciful Love, and commits to the rule of life.

The Statutes:
Morning Offering for the Pope’s intentions
To pray the Rosary daily
To pray daily in accordance with one’s state of life
To live a life of detachment and love of neighbor
To attend meetings of the Legion at least once monthly


  1. Teresa P. Molino

    Hello i read the book twenty years ago and evrytime i read it, i cried so hard, and i always want to be a nun..,but then i failed….so many times…so here I am, i met Sis. Salve from Tanauan city ,Batangas and she wants me to look for Mrs. Teresa Huyten,pls. Help me to be a member of this order..thank you……teresa molino


    1. ·

      Hello Teresa. I am sorry this took so long. I have had a full spring, with 2 births, baptisms, Holy Communion, and a father-in-law recently taken ill with a funeral following.

      The requirement of membership to the Legion is a commitment to read and pray the Message while putting into practice the Little Way shown by Marguerite’s example. If you can gather a small prayer group of like minded individuals who also want to study and pray over the Message that is the apostolic work of the Legion. The book is an encouragement to all Little Souls who want to follow this path of humimity, holiness, and prayer for others, especially priests.

      If you need further advice or just want to send me a text or email about your own thoughts, please do so.

      God bless from Teresa Huyten


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