February 14, 1979

From St. Theresa of Avila:

TH. A.  I am prepared to endure a thousand deaths in order to defend a single article of the Creed.

M.    To me, the Spiritual Director must also be the confessor, for how could he thoroughly know the soul he leads if the latter hides her faults from him, while revealing them to others? It may be permissible, but not for me. 

TH. A.  I was prepared to endure a thousand deaths rather than go against any truth in Holy Scripture.

M.   What is happening today? One must keep within oneself even in spite of appearances, respect for the priest’s dignity.

Saint Paul says: Should anyone preach another Gospel than the one you have received, let them be anethema!

TH. A.  It is not necessary to look for other signs. This single sign reveals so well the trickery of the evil spirit that, even if the entire world claimed that it was God’s spirit, I would still not believe it. 

M.   God alone! No one but God! A bad sign would be when the claim is contrary to Scripture and Tradition, according to Saint Paul.

Though sadness can overcome a soul, it cannot harm her, as long as she is participating in the Redemption. It is thus impossible to be relieved of it without divine assistance.

Christ is His Church in the holy tradition of the Gospel.

    Hope and await the return of Grace. Confidence unlimited, unfelt, but wanted and real. Humbling oneself in one’s powerlessness.

My weakness is my nervous exhaustion, at times becoming irritability. However, I do not know whether this could be called irritability, but I harbor no resentment.

  My joy is to offer my suffering! What a strange contradiction.

Saint Theresa of Avila said:

I have found joy and happiness on earth, but only in suffering, for I have suffered much here on earth. Souls need to be more aware of this. 

For myself, I am not wanting anything, I am not refusing anything. 

John XXIII said:

God dispenses supernatural enlightenment to some privileged souls, not to propose new doctrines, but to guide our conduct. 

  Alas, there are so many like St. Thomas on this earth!

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