December 1, 1979


It is difficult for me to put into words ere the bruises received in my heart by the cruelty of men, when I know the human hurts encountered every day by the Little Souls. I just extended to Jesus an S.O.S. and a heart-gripping reminder of his Kindness which made Him say one day: If I found ten righteous men in this city, I would not destroy it.

There where this monstrous Law was just enacted… I mention to Jesus, sorrowfully, the fate of these little ones butchered alive; these crimes henceforth unpunished…

And my heart is bleeding…

I am thinking that the Lord would be satisfied with finding ten righteous men to preserve a city, over there, in France; anyway, there is a strong opposition to that unrighteous law!

I further pray, in earnestness and humility, for all who come and seek the God of Love and consolation through the poor instrument I am. My prayer comes from my heart like a sharp-pointed arrow, aimed as precisely as possible at the Heart of God; Mary is the One Who directs it to Him, her Beloved. She is the One Who will thrust the dart ablaze with all the hope held in that outcry rising towards Heaven, into the Most-Loving Heart of Jesus. As it comes from his Mother, He will savor the sweetness of the Wound of Love inflicted on Him. He will then remember that his poor little daughter, unworthy of obtaining his grace, has learned her lesson well, since she goes to Him through Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

He might think: watch how that shrewd little one can get at Me by my weak point!

I do not ask that the evildoers be punished; I ask God to send them his wisdom and his pity for this negation of Creation, i.e. the destruction of men’s little ones to whom God had granted life, so that one day these would glorify and worship Him, according to the logic of what things ought to be.

Yes, I know, there will always be the unavoidable losses in battle. But during these troubled times of ours, the refueling is made from human beings by the power of evil which prevails on earth!… No, truly, you are no longer worthy of being called God’s earth.

In my Heart, I am ashamed of being part of this infernal century wherein the devil no longer has to hide in order to perpetrate his work of destruction.

My eyes are settling on the little flame of love, and I pray for all who are in it…

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