Meditation of Marguerite October 28, 1978

A prayer, a small sacrifice, a gaze of supplication toward God are for this destitute soul like an angel’s wings helping her to easily climb the steps which bring her back to the surface, where God is awaiting her in his Mercy, his immense tenderness and his joy of holding her against his Divine Heart.

Little Souls, you know it, your mission is to save souls, whether they are close to you or far from you, because, for Jesus, they are all close to his Heart. If the Little Soul loves her Lord she can only love her fellow-men by recognizing herself in them, since all of us are sinners.

I cannot put into words what is at present going on in me; this is so beautiful: the knowledge of the penetration of the co-penetration of God in our souls, the understanding that to the farthest recesses of the Universe, there is God, present in all that we live, breathe, do!

It would be better if I stopped with these words. My soul has a knowledge which it cannot… put into words. Each particle of the air I inhale is filled with God. I am in God. He is in me…, in my poor self to make it live.


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