October 18th, 1978 Hope in time of desperation

Jesus to Marguerite:
Listen to the words they are telling you: look for the guile in them. If there is none, give Me thanks for all.
If you find some, reject it as coming from him who excels in imitating Me.
You know, my child, Hope is a gift which desperation should never visit!
Enliven your confidence with an effort of will whenever you think it is lacking. If you only knew what a will, strengthened in Love, can obtain with these simple little words: I want!
True charity excels in discovering other people’s suffering, hidden or visible, to lend them assistance as quickly as possible.
A Little Soul is formed and molded in these virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Trust, i.e. the seed of God in all fields!
A tiny seed between cobble stones becomes a source of graces for all the earth.
A little soul is alone and multiples endlessly.
Her life is a tender Love story between her God and herself.
In the blessed shelter in which she resides, she hears but one voice: Mine.
Valiant, she goes out and about to bring back to her King the only nourishment suitable for Him: the Love… of his very little ones!
He is a King of charming simplicity and kind condescension, Who finds his joy among those who resemble Him. He does not make use of his title because, to them, his name is: the Father, in Him the Son and the Spirit.
Now this One, then the other One welcomes a little one and assigns a Mission to him; the little one then leaves full of joy to work in his Lord’s Vineyard.
The Holy Trinity: the same Essence, the Father; the same Heart, Jesus; the same Spirit. All Three in One… with no other distinction than the one your heart gives Them!
If you see Me, says Jesus, you also see my Father!
Could I add: “And the Spirit Who unites them:?

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