September 25, 1978

J  Here I am passing among you, in a very special way

I stir up hearts and consciences. My appeals are becoming more pressing. The deafening noise of the worlds sins cannot cover up my Voice which resounds like a bugle of hope throughout the world. Some of the blind see and deaf hear.Others, however, stop their ears so as not to hear or close their eyes so as not to see.

My appeal is heart-rending as a cloud that tears open and releases a beneficial downpour covering all the earth with heavenly graces. But, alas, so many are unyielding! I want my children’s gratitude and love. Love needs evidence.

Yes, my little child, This Prayer Time is for the silence of love in your heart.

M  I do not know what to tell You; I love You! And this comes from such a depth of inner silence that I am tempted to think that it might be a prophecy on my part, for I feel nothing. In the depth of my heart I have only one urge; to love, to love Him Who loves me so much!

  And this is something, believe Me! Withdraw into this moving silence of my Love where you are secure. Fade into it: this is a moment of rest. Take it in Mary, with Her!

For you, I shall never be an appearance, but always a reality which… teaches, which… demands, which… offers and which… love  you!

You know the sufferings of co-redemption; you all know the joys of Resurrection. Work in calmness and strengthen your hope day after day. Enhance your trust in Me with a joyful surrender. Be more and more a little one… you are not little enough yet! And when you reach the final stage of complete littleness, when you have multiplied it in souls, then I shall come and fetch you!

My Mother forgets only the harm done to Her, but believe Me: she never forgets her promises! What you told Her a while ago has touched her Motherly Heart. She meets you so often without your knowledge, and if the events seem to indicate the opposite of what will be or is at present, do not doubt Her Motherly mediations for those you love and for whom you suffer.




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