Message of September 24, 1978

Meditated reading in “When the Lord speaks to the heart”, by Gaston Courtois – Apostolat des Editions.

“May my peace and my joy be within you!”

The text:
Be at Peace! Keep your soul serene in the midst of the present day turmoils and unforeseen events. Be calmly receive my Message through these envoys whose manners are sometimes a little rude and brutal.
Try to decipher my words of love through the poorly scribbled graffiti. This does not make sense. And their contents is always; My child, I love you.

Have confidence and be at peace… for your past, so many times purified, by my Mercy. Have confidence and be at peace for the present time. Do you not fear that I am here with you, in you and with you and that I guide you and lead you?
Do you not feel that even if there are in your present life dramatic moments interspersed with so many hours of calm, I never abandon you, and that I am ever present, stepping in at the proper time?
Have confidence and be at peace for the future. Yes, the remainder of your life will be dynamic, serene and fruitful. I want to call upon you, as it pleases Me.
Find your joy in Me! Breathe it in so as to be more penetrated by it and to better spread it around you.
Do not forget my directive: serene! Yes, let your serenity be based on hope and trust in Me, on unrestricted surrender to my Providence!

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